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Sit down with me and let’s talk.

Rugby is a simple game, but it requires all 15 players on the pitch to know what to do, where to go and how to be involved in the game plan. I believe it is the same for any business, no matter how complex their strategy or organisation might be.

During those workshops, I will address one or two topics of your choice and break it down to your team so they hear the same corporate message, but through a different voice.

My objective by the end of the day? To make sure I do not have a group of individuals in front of me anymore but a team united towards the same goal.

Share a powerful and tailored experience.

Let’s take an extra step and make it personal. This particular workshop format enables you to tailor as much as you’d like this experience.

From 12 to 50 team members.
From 45min to 2h talks + activities + Q&A to finish the day


We’re based in London, UK and we are available Monday to Friday. Once you’ve sent your enquiry, a member of the team will get back to you within 48h.

What can we talk about?

Team Spirit

Team Spirit

A team is about people, whether you do project management for a railway company or run a business unit for a pharmaceutical brand. My point is to make you rediscover this human factor within your collective and show you how as an individual you are contributing to the common effort.Together we can build a new sense of togetherness by putting the human first.
Performance & Motivation


Ever heard of achieving the impossible? And felt doubtful as to how you were meant to get there? So have I but out of those moments came out great successes and some of the proudest moments of my career. Through the many stories I’ve lived, I’ve learned how to grow as a person and create a positive loop so that motivation never leaves my side. Learn alongside me how to grow your inner strength so it now is your time to shine
Well Being


Champions do not only exist on the rugby pitch; they are those incredible individuals who keep fighting failures after failures to thrive to the highest level. From the rugby pitch to the corporate world, take on this journey with me and gain a new perspective on how you can turn adversity into opportunity.
Workshop Performance


Achieve everything and all the time. What a challenge that is and yet it is what is expected from us on a daily basis. Understand how to be at 100% of your abilities and once you’re here, repeat it. This is what I can bring you thanks to the 20 years I’ve spent searching for that ideal. I want you and your team to be better than average, by balancing workload and efficiency in your daily routine so you can become overachievers.
Serge Betsen in team building


An athlete is a delicate combination of bones, muscles and spirit. I had to accept that I was not only made out of the obvious and that my quest for well-being had to look at every aspect of who I am. I want to guide you on how to invest in your mental and physical health: they are at the heart of your future success. As an individual or as a collective, managing your energy is the key on how you achieve more, in a more sustainable way.
Workshop Leadership


What do we need from our leaders? And how can we become a leader ourselves? Drawing from my experience, it is all about understanding your purpose and everyone’s around you. Together we could share to your team a clear vision of where you want to go, how you will get there but most of all, why it is going to be better this way.


How far can you travel for workshop activities?
I’m more than happy to travel anywhere, from the UK to Europe, even worldwide. Expenses for travel will be added for anywhere beyond the Greater London area.

What is the difference between your Speaker and Workshop services?
With my Speaker service, the aim is to inspire the audience, and trigger a new sensitivity towards the topics approached. The Workshop seeks to communicate with the audience in a more engaging way. Each and every individual will be able to make this day their own through diverse activities that will require an active participation.

Do you deliver in English or in French?
Both options are possible, my interventions are 50/50 between French or English. All supports used, including videos will be adapted to your choice and the preferred language of the audience.

I have a quite specific topic I want to talk about, how do you take that on board?
I am here to solve whatever problem you are facing, so I always take the time to arrange several meetings before the intervention so we can tailor my intervention to your questions. I then put together a proposal together, so you get plenty of time to adjust the final delivery to your exact needs.

When can I have an input on what you will be presenting?
From the content or design of the presentation to the speech on the day, you can ask for a preview at any time of the process. Follow up meetings can be scheduled if you wish to be more involved in the creation of the intervention.

What do you mean by ice-breaking activities?
Depending on what themes you have chosen and the topics approached, activities varies. What about a mini sophrology session if we talk about Well Being? Or creating your own Haka during a Performance session?

How long in advance should I contact you for such an intervention?
Ideally, to give your project the amount of preparation it deserves, we would need a one month notice.


Want to start your unique experience alongside Serge Betsen?
Use our online form to get in touch and explain your project so we can get things started.
We’re based in London, UK and we are available Monday to Friday. Once you’ve sent your enquiry, a member of the team will get back to you within 48h.

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