Brand Ambassador

Associate your brand to the power of sports.

When you play sports at the level I’ve been, you’re constantly surrounded by the strongest of emotions. So you learn to channel them, benefit from them.

As elite athletes, we are continually in the public eye, for all sorts of reasons. Our success inspire. Our mental and physical strength galvanize. Our defeats remind you of the human being behind all of it. By giving my image to your brand, I will transpose this one-and-only sports atmosphere off the pitch and convey a strong and positive message to your chosen audience.

Benefit from a multi-purpose exposure.

We are living in a world where everything is live. Television, podcasts, social media: use my experience on all of those platforms to create special moments for your customers, employees or stakeholders. Whether it is to build loyalty, reach new customers or raise awareness for your cause, I will put my body on the line to deliver outstanding coverage and results.


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