A man and his passion.

Throughout my career, as in my conversion, I have always made sure that people feel emotions and that they want to share these emotions with others. This is how we should live our life within a club: everyone looking in the same direction and supporting one another. (...)

Business Consulting

Sport at top level, such as practiced by Serge Betsen for twenty years, has allowed him to have a career made of highlights, successes, competition, but also failures, injuries and questioning ... These moments are to be found in the life of any human organisation. The business world can learn from moments of a successful sports team and take ownership of the key to the success of a performing team. Serge Betsen Consulting can assist your company in uniting your teams around strong values through service offerings tailored to suit your requirements. (...)

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Serge Betsen Academy

La Serge Betsen Academy a été créée en 2004 à l’initiative de Serge Betsen . Conçu au départ comme un projet permettant de populariser le rugby auprès des jeunes défavorisés du Cameroun , la Serge Betsen Academy utilise désormais l’enseignement de ce sport comme vecteur d’intégration sociale, d’accès à l’éducation pour une centaine d’enfants défavorisés de Yaoundé et de ses environs. (…)