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serge  Betsen Academy The Charity was created in 2004 by Serge Betsen. Serge found out about rugby in Cameroon in 1998 through his cousin Ahmed, with whom he decided to create the Charity.

When Serge Betsen returned to Cameroon in 2001, he saw for the first time some young people playing rugby in the Biyem-Assi district of Yaoundé. At the time this club counted fifteen children. Back in France, Serge Betsen decided to create the Charity.

Originally conceived as a project to increase the popularity of rugby with disadvantaged youth in Cameroon, "Les Enfants de Biemassy", renamed "Serge Betsen Academy², now uses the teaching of this sport as a vehicle for social integration and for access to education for hundreds of underprivileged children in Yaounde and its suburbs.
The aim of the charity "Serge Betsen Academy" is to bring the passion of rugby to children in Cameroon, and in so doing, to help their development by instilling a passion for sport. The charity also provides the children with academic support to help prepare them better for their professional future. Finally, the charity arranges medical care by health professionals (doctors, nurses, health visitors), organises immunisation campaigns and provides information on STDs.

The great value of rugby is its ability to mix people from diverse backgrounds.